четверг, 4 мая 2017 г.

Crochet Pattern: Sleepy Ladybird Doll

I want to show you my new collection of dolls: Insect dolls. 
And the second doll is a Ladibird.

 Crochet pattern is available in my etsy store NellyHM.etsy.com

Pattern doesn`t contain crochet basics lessons. You need to know how to crochet:

ch = chain 
slst = slipstitch 
sc = single crochet 
hdc = half double crochet 
dc = double crochet
inc = increase = sc 2 in indicated st
inc3= sc 3 in indicated st
dec = decrease = sc next 2 stitches together
(sc 4, inc) x n = repeat the pattern between parentheses n times
mr, sc n = magic ring – crochet n single crochet stitches in to the adjustable loop
pc = popcornstitch 
Popcornstitch: work 4 double crochet all into the same stitch, leaving the last loop unworked on the hook each time. When you’ve got 5 loops on the hook, yarn over and pull trough all 5 sts.

• black (color A), red (color B) and white (color C) yarn (55% cotton+45% acryl/ 330m=100g)
• hook 2.1mm( for hair) and 1.75mm (for other details)
• stuffing
• embroidery floss for eyes and lashes
• 6 black half-beads.
• needle, scissors

Language: English, Russian

Можно приобрести МК на русском языке. Стоимость 230 рублей. 

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